Prepare for “The Mummy” with “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” (Blu-Ray Special Edition)

Who doesn’t love a good action flick?

We here at Totally Awesome Reviews love us some movies — and we have a soft spot for action, comedy and a little sci-fi.

Tom Cruise usually delivers in this arena, with such classics on his resume as Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow (please let those rumors of a sequel/prequel be true). As we count down the days until his next summer blockbuster, The Mummy, it seems like the perfect time to fire up the old Blu-Ray and kick back with his most recent movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

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If you’ve seen the first Jack Reacher, you know the drill. Tom Cruise stars as Jack Reacher, the ex-military badass who brings his own blend of justice to the hunt for bad guys and assassins. Adapted from Lee Child’s long-running series, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is best digested on a big screen at home with your feet up and the volume turned way up high. For this particular screening, I purchased the Blu-Ray disc at Amazon and watched it on a 65″ Panasonic Curved 4K Ultra HD TV. High tech, hi-def, and high performance is the only way to go. Awesome!

Honestly, this has been my go-to home theater set-up in the man cave lately: #Panasonic delivers a pristine picture that accentuates the deep blacks with incredible visuals. But that’s just half the game. Sound is equally important, and for best-in-class sound I entrust Bose.

So how was the film, you ask?

If you dug the first Jack Reacher, you’ll be entertained by this sequel. Great action beats, dope chase scenes, and fine acting by Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders (taking a break from her Avengers day job). Reacher is dragged into the fray when he gets framed for a murder, finding himself suddenly entrapped in a far-reaching conspiracy involving drug trafficking and illegal weapons sales. You know, that old thing.

The film goes for the heart strings by introducing a potential daughter for our hero Reacher, but this storyline seems forced and the payoff unearned. Instead, the entire “could be” daughter storyline feels like the tail end of a studio exec’s notes to make Reacher more accessible to audiences. Yawn. The movie would be much stronger without this story beat.


Overall, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is a fun action flick but offers nothing you haven’t already seen in countless other films and is a step back from the original. With Cruise’s movie slate filled for the next few years, we’ll have to wait and see if he decides to step back into the world of Reacher. If so, here’s hoping we get a superior film that ditches the kid and focuses on the pure, delightful badassery that made Reacher great.

3 thoughts on “Prepare for “The Mummy” with “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” (Blu-Ray Special Edition)

  1. Jack Reacher all-time favorite character, his representation by TOM CRUISE, in the adaptations is great. But, I don’t know why people hate Tom Cruise, why the call him the tiny Tommy cruise. But personally I love Tom Cruise- he is my all-time actor- right from mission impossible.
    Compared to other actors, I have a feeling that Tom Cruise is among the best of Hollywood Actors- that’s my opinion though.


      1. Well, his movies are great, picking out a single movie is a bit hard. But I would say that Edge of Tomorrow is my best- “It’s a new day people! Destiny calls” I chose this movie because I really love Sci-Fi movies.
        But generally, all Tom Cruise’s films are dope.


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